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HyperX’s new Cloud Flight S gaming headset with wireless charging


HyperX has debuted a slight upgrade to its wireless Cloud Flight gaming headset at CES 2020. It’s called the Cloud Flight S, and its big new feature is Qi wireless charging capability. Instead of plugging it in to recharge, you’ll be able to simply rest its left ear cup on a wireless charger (that you’ll have to provide, unfortunately) to fill it back up.

The Cloud Flight S isn’t necessarily the first headset to allow wireless charging, but it’s one of the few options targeted toward gamers to adopt the Qi standard in lieu of a proprietary wireless charger. That it costs $159 (the same price as last year’s model) makes this an appealing option for those who want a Qi-ready gaming headset. But if you were hoping for bigger changes to the Cloud Flight, like vastly expanded wireless compatibility with platforms beyond PS4 and PC, or the jump from Micro USB to USB-C, you might be disappointed.

The 15W ChargePlay Base HyperX sells costs $60, and can charge two devices simultaneously. You can also top up the Cloud Flight S with the micro-USB cable that comes inside the box, but then you have to deal with the slight inconvenience of fiddling with a micro-USB port.

While it’s a bummer the Cloud Flight S doesn’t come with a charging pad, Qi support gives it a unique differentiator over other headsets in the price range like the $150 Steel Series Arctis 7. Even when you factor in the price of buying a charging pad, the Cloud Flight S is still more affordable than other gaming headsets that offer alternative charging options. For example, Astro’s A50 headset costs $300. It also uses a proprietary connector, which means, if you don’t want to use a USB cable, you can only charge the headset with the included base station.

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