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5 Things you must know about Pixel’s Android 10 Update | March 2020

Google recently released another major Android 10 update for several Pixel phones. You can expect a lot of changes and new features in the March 10 upgrade to Android 10 this month. Here you need to know what has changed, and how to get it now.

As always, the software offers some significant changes and improvements for the latest Pixel 2, 2XL, Pixel 3, 3XL, 3A and Pixel 4. Google is calling it the “March Pixel Feature Drop”.

Expect this latest Android 10 update to improve security and performance, complicate issues and fix any long-term problems. You’ll want to accept and download this new release now to enjoy the exciting new features from the video below.

It is worth noting that some of the things in the list above or in the video below are very specific to Pixel 4, while the rest are just changes and improvements to Android. Anyway, this week your Pixel phone will get a new update with the latest, greatest, fastest and safest version of Android 10 available in 2020.

Update: We are hearing that selected carriers, such as T-Mobile, have stopped updating Android 10 because it disrupts Google Pay altogether. Once Google releases a second version, it also expects a rollout in the future. We will update this post to find out more.

Android 10 update: What’s new?

Google issues the latest security updates on the first Monday of March 2, 2020, of this month. Expect updates immediately or within the next 24-48 hours. My Pixel 4 Instant It. Got it, while my old Pixel 2 XL is still waiting.

We’ve included changes and bug fixes from Google below, but you can read more on the Android Security Bulletin and the Pixel Security Bulletin page. This month we are seeing a much larger list than the changes coming in February, which is good. Some of these are expected in Android 11.

In addition, after browsing around we were able to find a complete list of all the features to come in March Pixel Drop, even though they were not yet available. This is according to the Android poll.

  • New Play / Pause Signal for Pixel 4 Motion Sensation
  • Direct caption facility for Pixel 4
  • Crash crash detection for Pixel 4 in Australia and UK
  • Pairing AR effects for video calls
  • Pixel 4 Front / Selfie Camera Portrait Blur Correction
  • 169 new emoji options
  • New power button purse menu for quick access to Google payment methods, boarding passes, tickets and more.
  • Along with real-time flight updates, support for screenshots of boarding passes for Pixel 3, 3A and 4 are also available
  • Default dark theme/mode, which includes animated sunset/sunset
  • New automation rules for Wi-Fi networks or physical location (possibly including a larger rollout than before)
  • Long presses in Pixel Launcher for Pixel 4 now include “firm” presses
  • Pixel 4 screens built for adaptive brightness will now shine in strong, direct light (possibly hidden / disabled last fall with HBM support).

None of them are particularly large or notable, although there is nothing that involves a slight increase that would improve devices like the Pixel 4. Instead, wait for Android 11 to be released later this year.

In addition, we are seeing several “significant or better” patches from Google in March, which will make Android 10 safer. After that, there is a decent list of functional patches or bug fixes for the Pixel 3 and Pixel 4 phones.

Download march pixel android 10 update

These updates typically occur within Google’s first few days, announcing not to mention factory images. However, sometimes we see the week of his arrival-. It takes weeks. So, if you want to get this latest version of Android for your Pixel device instead of waiting now, you can download or flash the update from the files below.

  1. Download Factory Images
  2. Grab OTA Update Files

If you download files manually, here’s how you can update your Pixel device.

When will I get an update?

You might want this update as soon as you consider the lack of a new feature. And when they usually arrive in today’s march immediately, it sometimes takes 24-48 hours, or longer. We’ve seen delays where users don’t receive it for 5-7 days, so, keep that in mind.

However, expect the latest wind news today, tomorrow or soon. So when it arrives immediately, don’t be surprised if you have to wait a few days or the weekend.

Keep in mind that Google’s Check Update button should work in your phone’s Settings menu. Now go to Settings> System> System updates> Check it now to get updates. This button pulls your phone’s updates from Google’s servers.

The whole process should take less than 10 minutes. From downloading to installing and rebooting to Android 10.

March pixel android 10 update issues

We’re seeing a lot of people on social media who’ve already received the March update, and so far it’s been smooth. That said, we typically see problems with updates, problems with freezing and the poor battery life after the update. Instead of manually installing files, it’s best to wait for the air update, as this is the easiest and hassle-free way to do so.

So be patient when Google releases photos for people to install manually, and wait for the air to be updated, which is a pretty easy process. As a reminder, you need more than 30% battery for updates, and Wi-Fi is recommended. We recommend updating at home today or tomorrow, not at work when you don’t have time to deal with any potential problems. If you are having problems, here are some common fixes.

What is after your Pixel 2, 3 or Pixel 4?

Google fixed a lot of things with updates for December, January and then February, so it’s good to focus on these latest features. However, Android 10 introduced some new issues even after a long period of 6 months, and not all of them have been fixed. Google is still kicking things out, and we’re happy to see some of them in the March update.

Google is still working to slowly improve the experience, fix bugs, and tweak the software to better performance every month. Don’t expect Android 10.1 sooner or later. For now, expect only one update this week, and move on the first Monday of each month.

We will remind you once again this month that the original Google Pixel and Pixel XL are no longer supported by Google. They will not be following this March update or other updates. apologies. All new devices will continue to see monthly releases.

So what’s exactly right for your Pixel Phone? Well, except for the monthly update, this is the Android 11 beta that debuted earlier this month during the new version of Google I / O and Android 11. The preview was removed, but the first stable version did not arrive for a few months. If you dare, you can try Android 11 right now, but we recommend waiting for at least 3 sons.

For now, get the latest Android 10 software for your Pixel. Next, if this fixes your issue, or causes a new issue, leave us a comment below. Also, don’t forget that this update is only for Google’s own smartphone, not the Galaxy S10’s. Wait for updates from OnePlus, Samsung, LG, or other phone manufacturers. In fact, this update doesn’t apply to you unless you have a new Google Pixel device.