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Activate-WhatsApp’s call waiting feature on Android


Popular instant messaging app WhatsApp has now added call waiting facility to its list of new features, which means that when you already talking to a WhatsApp user you will now get to know whether any other WhatsApp user is also trying to call you at the same time.

Earlier, when somebody would try to call you on WhatsApp while you were already talking, they would hear it ring, but, no one would answer. The call would then get disconnected and you would see a “Missed Call” later on. But now you will get an alert in the middle of the call as well as an option to disconnect the existing call and talk with the next caller. Alternatively, you can also choose to ignore the new caller.

WhatsApp has added several new features recently in its latest update. Privacy settings allow you to control who can add you to WhatsApp groups while you can also mandate the requirement of a fingerprint to unlock WhatsApp. This will prevent unauthorized access to your personal messages.


Activate Now -Follow these Steps

If you are using WhatsApp, you should visit Google’s Play Store at the moment. There’s an update for the messenger app that’s got it all. Two new functions have been added, and there are some bug fixes and security updates too.

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