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Android 12 may allow you to Play large Games Before even Downloading them

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Smartphone games are more graphic intensive than before. Games like Call of Duty, PUBG, Fortnite and Mortal Kombat X are difficult and it takes a long time to download. For people who change smartphones frequently, it is annoying to wait for the game to reinstall. However, this can change with Android 12 as incremental file systems can be introduced.

The incremental file system allows applications to run while the binary and resource files are still downloading. So if it runs on Android 12, you can play games like PUBG and Call of Duty before downloading.

The evidence has been exposed by XDA developers, who believe the file system may be included in a future version of Android, possibly in 2021. In the documentation released by Google, XDA, the incremental file system is described as a “virtual special system for Linux “. It allows a program to run while its binary and resource files are still being downloaded over the network, USB, etc.

In applications, it’s similar to Google’s instant apps that let users experience apps or games without installing them. The incremental file system differs in that applications are installed at the same time. However, since the implementation of the new file system is done in the kernel, developers do not have to plan additional hours as would be necessary for an immediate application.

Google is currently testing it on Google Pixel 4XL. Since the internal deadline for important changes to the Android 11 functions is very short, XDA assumes that we will see this function on Android 12 next year. However, Android is about games on smartphones that should be cured very soon.