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Coronavirus: Samsung closed Galaxy Z Flip Factory

samsung galaxy z flip

Samsung has closed a factory in South Korea where the new Galaxy Z flip phone was made because an employee tested positive for coronavirus.

The world’s largest smartphone maker said the worker in its rubber complex discovered a virus called COVID-19 on Saturday and took steps to prevent it from spreading further.

“The company hired employees who came into contact with an infected employee in self-quarantine and took steps to test for possible infections,” said a statement by the South Korean company. Samsung didn’t say whether the Galaxy Z Flip’s release date on March 13 would be affected by the factory shutdown.

Last year, the company had to delay the release of its first foldable phone – the Galaxy Fold – due to problems with the folding mechanism. Samsung is the latest technology giant to be affected by a coronavirus. According to Apple, the company will not meet its quarterly sales targets due to the limitation in iPhone production.

Analysts also warned that Huawei’s supply chain could suffer significant disruptions as a result of the disease, although the Chinese company has so far mitigated its potential impact.

According to a John Hopkins University tracking database, nearly 80,000 people worldwide have been infected with the coronavirus. The device showed that 25,000 people had recovered from the infection, but there were more than 2,600 deaths.

In South Korea, more than 600 coronavirus cases have been confirmed, putting the country in the highest “red alert” for infectious diseases. One of the worst affected areas was Daegu and northern Gyeongsang Province, where Samsung’s Gumi plant is located.

“According to the Herald of Korea,” we can overcome the situation even though it is serious, “said President Moon-Jae-in.

“The government has the capacity and confidence to control and control the spread of infectious diseases. Trust and cooperation are the ways to win the fight against the virus.”

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