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India bans Tik Tok apps: How to download your TikTok videos data

India bans Tik Tok apps: How to download your TikTok videos data – The Indian government on Monday published a list of 59 Chinese apps that will no longer be available to users in India. The government has announced that all these 59 apps will be taken down from the App Store and Google Play Store.



  • India announced ban on 59 Chinese apps in light of rising tensions between India and China
  • ShareIT, Clubfactory, TikTok, CamScanner are some of the prominent apps which have been banned.
  • All the said 59 applications have been removed from App Store and Google Play Store to prevent fresh downloads.
  • how to download tiktok videos data

one of the easier ways to download your TikTok videos is to simply request the firm for your data. The request, once processed, will let you download all your data from the app. Here’s what you need to do.

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Step 1. On TikTok tap the three-dots icon that is visible on the top right corner.

Step 2. Tap on Privacy and safety.

Step 3. Tap Personalization and data.

Step 4. Download your data.

Step 5. Tap Request data file. This will send a request to TikTok for downloading your content. Although there’s no particular time frame within which you will get the reply. But ideally it may take around 30 days.