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Microsoft may launch dual screen Microsoft Surface Duo sooner than expected

It wouldn’t be surprising if Microsoft introduced the Surface duo earlier this spring. Zach Bowden of Windows Central cited sources as saying that Bowden claims the Surface Duo is ahead of schedule and that the company can launch the device during its upcoming hardware event. This is the event where we are expecting the unveiling of Surface Go 2 and Surface Book 3.

Bowden reports that both hardware and software have been fixed. He believes that Microsoft is currently working on final-level OS customization and finalization of specific in-box experiences related to the Surface Pair. According to Bowden’s sources, the software will be ready by April. If Microsoft is able to meet the deadline, the Surface shoe will be ready to send out “limited quantities” this summer. The launch will target “developers” and “tech enthusiasts.”

Reportedly, the Surface Duo will come with dated features. The dual-screen hybrid device will be supported by Snapdragon 855 processor with 6GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage. This can be a worry for Microsoft as the Surface duo like the iPhone 11 Pro and Galaxy S20 will be preferred.

Although the device’s form factor is unique, its features are slightly lacking for flagship production. Another weak aspect of the Surface duo is the lack of 5G support. The next iPhone, which may be called the iPhone 12, is rumored to have a 5G feature.

Microsoft may be responsible for the overall development of the dual-screen device. It is said that Microsoft had finalized the hardware long ago, and the launch will take place with Windows Core OS. However, instead, the plans were dropped, Microsoft opted for the tried and tested Android. Maybe the bezel is not slim and why the device doesn’t have 5G.

Microsoft originally featured the Surface Duo as well as the Surface Neo at the company’s fall show in October. The launch date of the Surface Neo has yet to be set for Holiday 2020.

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