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New Google Assistant-powered voice typing showing up in Gboard for Android

google assistant
Google is building on this feature and rolling out smart complements (via MishaalRahman) that will provide predictive text suggestions in apps other than messaging apps.Google is rolling out the smart build feature for its other products and services, and Gboard is the latest one that makes the most of it.
In addition, there is now an option to quickly undo an auto-correction in Gboard. The ‘Undo Backspace AutoCorrect’ feature will allow users to quickly remove an auto-corrected word by clicking the backspace key. Given how unstable autocorrect in Gboard can be at times, this is a welcome addition.
Finally, Google is also testing a new voice dictation feature that is supported by the Assistant in Gboard. The company had first introduced this feature in Google I / O 2019. As the video below shows, a new voice typing user interface with assistant accents will appear when one presses the voice typing button on the Gboard. Implementation is better here because users have the option to send the message directly from their voice as soon as they finish saying the message or close the Voice Typing UI by saying close. They can also delete whatever you wrote by saying delete.
As of now, Google is rolling out these new features as part of a server-side update so they are not immediately available to everyone.

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