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OnePlus 8 5G may launch soon | Here’s the front look of the phone

Every year, OnePlus releases two main phone series – the original line and the ‘T’ line. It looks like this year will be no exception. But the outbreak of coronavirus can change many things. Anyway, those handsets come with the most powerful hardware and mainstream design. In this sense, the OnePlus 8 will continue to do what the previous ones did.

OnePlus 8

This week, a user manual that appeared as the OnePlus 8 5G appeared online. Looking at the spotted poster, we can see that the phone has a punch-hole screen. And the hole will be placed in the top left corner. At the same time, we can see device fingerprints and three-step mute key design games.

Notably, OnePlus India will announce that a new product will be announced on March 3. However, the short video shows that it is not compatible with OnePlus 8. As such, let’s not talk too much about the OnePlus 8. Users also speculated that OnePlus would be a gaming phone while others thought that OnePlus would announce a new concept phone. There is also a perception that Naples has designed perimeter multi-zoom lenses for commercial use.

Earlier this year, OnePlus launched the first concept machine showcase. One of the biggest features is the hidden lens design. The transition from opaque to transparent takes only 7 seconds. OnePlus says it will be commercially available for the technology.

OnePlus 8 Specification

On the OnePlus 8, the screen is said to be 6.5 inches. It should have a triple camera vertically in the rear. And it has toff lenses. Also, the battery will have 4000mAh battery capacity and the handset will have IP53 waterproof certificate.