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Premium smartphone maker OnePlus is expected to launch the world’s first invisible camera smartphone at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2020 to be held from January 7 in the first month of this year. Video tees of this concept phone have been released through the company’s official social media handle. Let us tell you that the company can launch OnePlus 8, OnePlus 8 Lite and OnePlus 8 Pro three smartphones this year. Leaks have been revealed earlier about these three smartphones. The back panel of the phone is shown in this 10 second video shared by OnePlus. Watch the video here .

OnePlus shared his video, writing, ‘We are bringing you to #OnePlusConceptOne CES2020, but you don’t have to wait much for it. You can see this product in this video, which has an invisible camera that works on color shifting technology. ‘Let me tell you that in this video, triple rear camera setup can be seen in the back of the phone. At the same time, the front panel has an invisible selfie camera with curved edge, which can be given on the side corner. Talking about the back panel of the phone, a centrally aligned triple rear camera can be seen just above the logo of OnePlus. The LED flash light can be seen at the bottom. After this, one to three cameras can be seen.

In OnePlus 8 series, we can expect this technology. Some information about this smartphone series has also been leaked earlier. According to the leaked information, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chipset processor can be given in the phone, which is a 5G compatible processor. Apart from this, the primary sensor of 64 megapixels can be seen in the phone. Last year, the company introduced technology with a 90Hz refresh rate. This year we can see a 120Hz refresh rate display in this series. Dash charging feature and in-display fingerprint can also be seen in the phone. In the teased video, the phone’s side button can also be seen. It may be that this time the fingerprint sensor is mounted on the side.

How does OnePlus Invisible Camera works?

The idea behind this invisible camera is simple – hide it when you don’t need it. However, instead of installing cameras under mechanical shutters or some strange technology, OnePlus created a simple electric glass that does not require any moving parts.

Electric glass has been used in many luxury McLaren cars and Boeing 787 Dreamliners. What this glass does is it changes the color of the glass by using some electricity. Glass contains organic matter and when a certain voltage is applied, the molecules change the dye. Therefore, by applying electricity, the color of the glass can be changed from transparent to transparent. However, it is still not possible to get opaque.

On OnePlus Concept One, a small strip of electrochemical glass is placed over the camera unit. When the camera app is opened, the voltage is applied to the glass and the viewfinder appears. When the camera app closes, the glass turns transparent and hides the viewfinder in most cases.

To compare this with everyday commodities, this technique is similar to monochrome glasses that change color according to the level of sunlight in the atmosphere. Only here, instead of sunlight, electricity is used to hide the viewfinder when not in use.

Concept of OnePlus

The OnePlus concept has gained attention since OnePlus announced the name. This is the first time that a Shenzhen-based smartphone manufacturer has appeared at CES in Las Vegas, and to celebrate time, OnePlus is preparing a concept device to showcase some of the technology that will be used in the future OnePlus smartphones. Can. OnePlus has already dropped a signal (it’s more than just a signal in reality) and this concept will show a technique you only saw on a Boeing aircraft.

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau and Sons describe the technology as an “invisible camera” and the same may be related to the OnePlus One concept. Technology implementation of what OnePlus has said so far is very simple – hide back cameras when not in use. This is similar to the pop-up front camera mechanism philosophy, hiding it when you don’t need it. However, unlike the pop-up mechanism, there is a lot of smart technology behind the invisible camera.

If you are interested in knowing how an invisible camera works, get a cup of coffee and drill it.

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