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Oppo starts rolling out Android 10 based ColorOS 7 | Review

At the end of November, Oppo officially presented the ColorOS 7 at an event in India. The company is now introducing a trial version of its ten devices, including some of its most recent flags.

With ColorOS 7, OPPO has deviated from its ethos and introduced an update for the process that brings a lot to the table. It’s the brand’s biggest update to date and features a lightweight design. An intuitive interface that enhances the overall user experience. With it, which is based on Android 10, you get some of the most anticipated features like system-wide dark mode, focus mode as well as improved privacy and location control.


ColorOS 7 is based on Android 10 and has been revised in the user interface by introducing a new color palette with new fonts. The design here shows how well the software is optimized. Instead, it is designed to reduce visual fatigue.

This is undoubtedly the opposition’s biggest upgrade and includes improvements and improvements ranging from background images to notification shades and new fonts to hosting new symbols.

In addition to the update above, Oppo has also added new animations. An example of this can be seen when charging the handset. The built-in camera app has also been revised and is now more intuitive than before. This should please amateurs who take pictures in low light conditions.


With ColorOS 7, symbols can also be adjusted and have a clear function with which you can adapt the background image or theme you are using. This is a new feature for the operating system and is widely used in other OEM software programs. However, the opposition offers it when very few people can claim it. This version offers three sets of specially designed symbol styles: rectangle, pebble and material styles. There is also a redesigned third-party app icon option that uses ColorOS 7 Art + icon design to redesign the 200 best apps from the app market based on the style of the software.

Dark Mode

In ColorOS 7, the dark mode is finally corrected. This can be seen in some common OPPO handsets with AMOLED displays. The dark mode can also be scheduled for a certain time and is not part of Android 10. In addition, compatibility with third-party apps is one of the outstanding functions, and this integration is far superior to what Google offers.


Another notable point is that the intelligent sidebar of the OPPO takes up less space because there is only one row with links instead of two. This enables easy maneuvering during single-arm operation.

You’ll also get a better off-screen clock, new animations, a game assistant, faster wireless transmission, better gesture navigation, more background images, better haptics, a sophisticated voice and much more.

After all, one of the overlooked features here is how many insects actually exist in this construct. And this is a thing that shouldn’t be taken.

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