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Steal Facebook Logins :Google Remove These 25 Android Apps


Steal Facebook Logins :Google Remove These 25 Android Apps – Last month, Google removed 25 Android apps from its Google Play Store after discovering they were stealing users’ Facebook account credentials.The malicious apps, identified by security company Evina, appeared to be created by the same developer, Rio Reader LLC, and were downloaded more than 2.34 million times before Google decommissioned them.The apps, which mimicked legitimate applications such as step counters, image editors, video editors, wallpaper apps, flashlight apps, file managers and mobile games, shared the same malicious code, enabling them to steal login credentials of any Facebook user.Here is the list of apps that have now been removed from the Google Play Store:

Super Wallpapers Flashlight


Wallpaper Level

Contour level wallpaper

Iplayer & iwallpaper

Video maker

Color Wallpapers


Powerful Flashlight

Super Bright Flashlight

Super Flashlight


Accurate scanning of QR code

Classic card game

Junk file cleaning

Synthetic Z

File Manager

Composite Z

Screenshot capture

Daily Horoscope Wallpapers

Wuxia Reader

Plus Weather

Anime Live Wallpaper

iHealth step counter



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Google Remove 25 Android Apps – Out of these, Super Wallpapers Flashlight and Padenatef were the only apps that were downloaded 500,000 times.