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WhatsApp removed Vacation Mode feature: Here is why

WhatsApp removed Vacation – Massage has quietly killed WhatsApp’s working holiday mode feature since 2018.This feature may allow WhatsApp users to ignore notifications from stored chats, but it seems that this is no longer happening. The most popular is a Facebook-owned messaging app that makes the feature available to both iPhone and Android users.

According to a report by Wabetainfo, WhatsApp has discontinued the Vacation Mode feature working for years. WhatsApp’s feature tracker app read, “Vacation mode has been in development for iOS and Android for a few months.” It has also been reported that if this feature comes back at any time, it will not be called holiday mode, but “ignore archived chat”.

Users were now looking for the suspended WhatsApp feature as it would block notifications from stored chats. This allows users to skip archived chats completely. However, when we are now storing a conversation, a new message aggregating the contact appears at the top of the messaging app. Currently, users have the option to mute chat groups if they do not want notifications from them, but contacts will still appear in the chat section. However, you will not receive continuous notifications from groups that you have muted.

The messaging app is also said to work on a feature that allows users to silence their group forever. WhatsApp has a plan to remove the public option with 1 option forever. This means that if you mute a group, you will not receive any information from that group. The upcoming feature will protect users from annoying WhatsApp groups that just refuse to slow down.

Meanwhile, another interesting feature is reported to be working on WhatsApp. The messaging app is developing the expired message feature, which allows users to get rid of the message after a certain time after the settings are turned on. It was previously reported that this feature can be enabled for group or personal chat. For example, if you toggle the deleted message or message expiration toggle switch for a specific chat, you will be able to set a time limit for your conversation. In this case, you can make your post up to an hour or a week. You also have the option to turn off the delete message switch.


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