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Bluestacks Pubg- General Problems and Fixes

bluestacks pubg

This article will guide you with tips and tricks for Bluestacks PUBG Mobile.


These will be really helpful during gameplay on PUBG Mobile.


All users who play PUBG on BlueStacks things to keep in mind.

Problem: Cannot run PUBG Mobile/the game feels laggy.

FIX: Make sure you are on the latest version of Bluestacks Pubg and have your virtualization on. Also make sure that you have allotted 4 CPU cores and at least 2GB of RAM (Settings > Engine) in Bluestacks. If you’re doing this for the first time, you need to restart BlueStacks.

In the case of BlueStacks N, keep the “advanced graphics mode” OFF.

bluestacks pubg

Problem: PUBG Mobile crashes on Facebook login.

FIX: It is strange, but install the Facebook app on Bluestacks and then run the game.

Problem: Battle Royale Mode OR mouse look stops working.

I also experienced this problem but ONLY when there’s a change of scene, for example, we change from spawn island and into the plane, landing after parachuting or even when the character exits from the car, it stops to work.

FIX: Just press ALT key once to enter and exit BR mode in a matter of a second, no need to press F1 twice. It occurs because the game stops taking input when the scenes change and starts again after the animation has ended. But your mouse is still in the BR mode and is touching the screen, so one has to come out of it again in order to continue aiming.

Problem: Can’t move mouse past a point, feels like hitting an invisible wall. Double-clicking the right click fixes the issue.

FIX: You may have an outdated version of BlueStacks or have edited/created your own keybindings. This resulted in the misbehavior of the BR mode. To resolve this, go to the keyboard UI and click on “RESTORE” and click on save. I would suggest you download the latest version of BlueStacks 3 OR BlueStacks N from their website. They have fixed these issues, even on the N version.

Problem: Game shows it is not supported on this device.

FIX: Download the latest version of Bluestacks after uninstalling the previous one.

Problem: For the first launch of the game BR mode doesn’t work, have to close it, and start again. >_<

FIX: Don’t close the game, just click on the “home” tab and return to the game.

I hope this clears most of the issues, which I keep on seeing on this subreddit. I just wanted to share what I learned from working on Bluestacks. You can always check out their support page or report a problem to get any more clarification.

Problem: Mouse aiming isn’t normal, it lags or jumps.

FIX: Try to change the DPI from the keyboard UI. If this doesn’t solve your problem and you are using a gaming mouse please switch to a cheap, normal mouse. The mouse software (like the SteelSeries Engine) might interfere with BlueStacks causing this odd behavior.

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