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Google Pay’s Old Application, Website To Lose Payment Features In America In January


Google Pay’s Old Application – Google on Tuesday (local time) said that its payments application Google Pay’s iOS, and Android applications along with its website version are set to lose their payment features in America. According to the Verge, applications will only work till December and will lose their features in January in America. As […]

Google Drive Flaw: Hackers can install malware in your drive

Hackers can enable Google Drive users to install malware, according to System Administrator A Nikolic. He said there is an unprecedented drive security vulnerability that could allow hackers to send malicious files, but they are forcing legitimate photos and documents. He also said that he had already told Google the error. The security bug is […]

G-Cam 7.5 will no longer saves portrait shot in different folders

If you own a pixel capable of taking selfies and risk storing them to back up or transfer your photos, then you must have noticed the ridiculous mess of photo folders. For some reason, each pair has found its own separate folder, which complicates the use of third-party gallery apps or backup solutions. Fortunately, with […]

Google informs users to shift data from Play Music

Google sent an email to users on Friday reminding them that between October and the end of this year, access to Google Play Music will be permanently removed and users have been asked to switch to YouTube Music. Users will have the option to download any music that they have purchased or uploaded to Google […]

Google Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G will be Release by September 30th

It has been more than two weeks since Google revealed the Pixel 4a, many users are worried about what will happen to Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G. Thankfully, Google has been good enough to reveal the presence of both devices, and they will be launched in the coming months but no exact launch date […]

Google Added Official Android Emulator Pre-installed on Selected Chromebooks

Google recently launched a dedicated webpage for “” to bring all the news and resources related to Chrome OS in one place. In addition to launching the website, Google has announced support for Android emulator for select Chromebooks. In this way, developers can test apps without external devices. The page states “Supported Chromebooks can now […]

Google will replace Google Duo video calling app with Meet in future

The Google Duo has become a popular video calling app in the four years since its launch, and now a new report claimed that the search giant plans to replace the Duo with Meat. According to a 9to5Google report, Javier Salter, the new head of Google Telecom Services, sees no reason for both services to […]

Google Messages cool shortcut that reroutes RCS message back to SMS

Google Messages has a cool shortcut that reroutes RCS message back to SMS – Google has continuously rolled out RCS chat in its messaging app worldwide, greatly improving the company’s chat app functionality. Now, word is that the company has updated its messaging app by adding a clever trick that gives the RCS conversation a […]