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PUBG Mobile Announced Launching of 1.0 Version of Tournament

PUBG Mobile, the global mobile gaming phenomenon, announced the upcoming release of version 1.0 with huge updates on September 8, and the largest global PUBG Mobile Championship with big prizes of $ 2 million starting in late November. PMGC Season Zero will start in late November and invites professional teams from all regions, including the […]

PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks: Scout control setup and sensitivity settings

PUBG Mobile control setup – PUBG Mobile has been ranked among the best Battle Royal games in the world. It features high-quality graphics and in-game elements. The title also introduced many great gamers to the Indian gaming community, and one of them is Tanmay Singh, better known as Scoutpop. As India scouts in various international […]

Who is the better PUBG Mobile player Levinho or Sevou?

PUBG player Levinho or Sevou – PUBG Mobile has taken its growth towards other aspects of the gaming community. In addition to the meteor development of sports in mobile esports, broadcast culture has also benefited immensely. PUBG Mobile has impressed operators all over the world, and has inspired them to play the game while enjoying […]

PUBG Mobile vs Free Fire: What’s the major differences them?

PUBG Mobile vs Free Fire – Battle Royale games pioneered the growth of the mobile gaming industry, with PUBG Mobile and Free Fire the most popular games on the platform. Search words for looking for searching for these same games. These are famous games. It should be noted that these are just differences and not […]

PUBG Mobile: What’s Soul Mortal’s control and sensitivity settings?

PUBG Mobile has evolved into the most played battle game worldwide. It provides players with high-quality graphics and other impressive in-game dynamics. The player also uses various weapons to eliminate enemies and claim to eat chicken. Soul Mortal is one of the most popular PUBG mobile players in India. His real name is Naman Sandeep […]

PUBG Mobile: Which one is better gun M416 vs M249?

PUBG Mobile features an in-depth weapons arsenal that is perhaps the most diverse of all battle royale games. From handguns to assault rifles and even snipers, the game has left no category intact. Each weapon category has different types of weapons that can be used depending on the situation. While SMGs are good for close […]

PUBG Mobile cheats type and process explained

Players have been cheating PUBG since the early days, and this is a very big problem for developers as they try to maintain fairness and balance for all players in battle royale. Despite beating players for years, who get out of line with the ban hammer, it still looks like the PUBG cheats never go […]

PUBG Mobile continues teasing mysterious Sanhok 4 ARG video

The latest PUBG info raises the question of why Titanium Battlegrounds ever existed, and Sanok releases a light ARG tied to its upcoming map re-release. Sanhoek will be back on Wednesday, July 22nd, and it looks like Sunhoek 4 will have some connection as mentioned in the video above. The video begins with a behind-the-scenes […]

PUBG Mobile: New Era of PUBG mobile Erangel 2.0

PUBG Mobile uploaded a post on social media yesterday, inviting players to join the announcement of the new era on August 24 at 7 pm EST (+5: 30 GMT) India time. The developer has not mentioned anything about the advertising material. All of them described that as “the arrival of a new era”. Of course, […]

PUBG Mobile: Best Attachments For SCAR-L, UMP, And AKM

PUBG Mobile provides multiple attachments for all weapons in this game. These guns will be more powerful and stable, with the best attachment set. The best weapons for most favorite weapons in this game are attached, including the AKM, UMP and SCAR-L. Best attachment for PUBG Mobile AKM The AKM is a powerful weapon that […]