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PUBG Mobile continues teasing mysterious Sanhok 4 ARG video

The latest PUBG info raises the question of why Titanium Battlegrounds ever existed, and Sanok releases a light ARG tied to its upcoming map re-release. Sanhoek will be back on Wednesday, July 22nd, and it looks like Sunhoek 4 will have some connection as mentioned in the video above. The video begins with a behind-the-scenes […]

PUBG Mobile: New Era of PUBG mobile Erangel 2.0

PUBG Mobile uploaded a post on social media yesterday, inviting players to join the announcement of the new era on August 24 at 7 pm EST (+5: 30 GMT) India time. The developer has not mentioned anything about the advertising material. All of them described that as “the arrival of a new era”. Of course, […]

PUBG Mobile: Best Attachments For SCAR-L, UMP, And AKM

PUBG Mobile provides multiple attachments for all weapons in this game. These guns will be more powerful and stable, with the best attachment set. The best weapons for most favorite weapons in this game are attached, including the AKM, UMP and SCAR-L. Best attachment for PUBG Mobile AKM The AKM is a powerful weapon that […]

PUBG Mobile: Which AR Is Better SCAR-L vs AKM?

PUBG Mobile is a shooting game. Therefore, the weapon is an important component. AKM and SCAR-L are two of the most powerful and popular assault rifles in the game. AKM vs SCAR-L: Strength Comparing the strength of these two cannons, we need to compare the loss per hit and the rate of fire. In terms […]

PUBG Mobile Wadjet Spin Event: How To Get The Will Of Horus Set?

PUBG Mobile Wadjet Spin 2020 Event: While the world is facing a historic epidemic, it is revealed that 2020 will be a fruitful year for PUBG Mobile with skyrocketing growth in terms of revenue and number of players. To keep the people who have to stay indoors amidst the social mess, game developers have taken […]

PUBG Mobile: How To Set Girlfriend or BFF Titles

Apart from just a video game, PUBG Mobile is also a great place to add people as we can add our real-life friends to our partner list. However, not everyone knows that we can add titles to our sports partners as well. In fact, the PUBG mobile partnership feature not only allows players to connect […]

PUBG Mobile: Erangel 2.0 will Arrive on September 21

The PUBG Mobile Beta received only a new update which changed the version number to Beta 1.0.1. This update comes with a new mode on Arengel called Era Union Mode. This mode is expected to be released on September 21, with Erangel 2.0 and Global Update 1.0.0. In this article, we will show you what […]

PUBG Mobile 5 Tricks To Become a Pro-Sniper

PUBG Mobile 5 Tricks – What are the snipping tips of PUBG Mobile to become a professional sniper? Being a global phenomenon, PUBG Mobile has given momentum to more than 50 players from all over the world in just two years and has carved out its place as one of the most popular mobile games […]

Top PUBG Mobile Tips To Play Like A Pro

PUBG Mobile action tips are very important to play like a pro in this game. Learn how to move like a pro to stay alive longer and win more matches in PUBG Mobile with Best PUBG Mobile Action Tips There are some movement tips you can learn from the professional gamers. Check them out […]