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PUBG celebrates third birthday with PUBG free skins

PUBG free skins

Can you believe PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is already three years old? Launched out of early access on March 23, 2017, the game’s had a big and busy three years – and developer PUBG Corp. is looking to celebrate the new milestone. The studio’s announced there’s some free content  (PUBG free skins) in store for both PC and console players . […]

Get Free Pubg Skins Instantly Using ‘Google Opinion Rewards’

Free Pubg Skins

PUBG Mobile offers players a number of unlockable skins to help personalize their weapons and other items. Read on to learn how to get free skins in PUBG. Earn FREE PUBG Skins today! PUBG skins play an important role in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, the popular battle royale game. Even though in-game skins don’t do much except […]

PUBG Mobile Lite Get 0.17.0 Update Releases On May 13


PUBG Mobile Lite Get 0.17.0 Update Releases On May 13 – What’s new here Here’s a list of all the new features PUBG Mobile Lite will receive with the new update: Fly Like a Falcon New companion Playload Mode Playload Gameplay: Fight from land or sky New vehicle: BRDM-2, AH6 Super Weapons: MGL, M3E1-A Companion […]

PUBG 0.18.0 Update : Key features of Mad Miramar –

PUBG 0.18.0 Update

After weeks of speculation and teasers, the PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 update was finally released on Tuesday, 5 May, with major updates to the maps in the highly popular game. The biggest feature of this 0.18.0 update is the change to the PUBG Mobile’s Miramar map. The map now features new landscapes, housing areas roads, and […]

PUBG Mobile New Feature 0.18.0 Update Miramar Map


PUBG Mobile New Feature 0.18.0 Update Miramar Map – The Season 12 Royale Pass will end on 11th May, and after one day of maintenance for the PUBG Mobile servers, Season 13 will make its way into the game. The upcoming Royale Pass is expected to bring a Power Rangers outfit, a Lego vector skin […]

PUBG Call of Duty Mobile vs PUBG Mobile: which is better?

PUBG Call of Duty

PUBG Mobile has, for a long time, ruled the mobile battle royale roost. Ok, so there’s been the small issue of Fortnite, but PUBG’s real challenger comes in the form of Activision’s latest, Call of Duty: Mobile. Both these games are looking to draw on an element of realism – to some degree – while giving you […]

PUBG PC Lite Requirements : Pubg lite

pubg pc lite requirements

PUBG Lite System Requirements PUBG PC Lite is strictly what the title seems like – a lighter version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. The PUBG PC Lite requirements are significantly less than the traditional version of the sport and it’s liberal to play also . it’ll even run on laptops and lowend systems that have Intel HD Graphics 4000 or better. These Pubg pc lite requirements are much closer to its […]