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How To Update PUBG Mobile New Season 15 In India Even After The Ban


India is a massive market for PUBG Mobile and the game publisher Tencent Games, which is a major stakeholder lost over $34 billion after the ban order was passed.PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite have already been pulled from the stores – Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Update PUBG Season 15 – […]

PUBG Mobile Tips: How to Remain Undetected in Battle Royales!

The widely popular PUBG Corporation and Tencent Mobile Battle Royale are back in the player’s anonymous Battleground Mobile (PUBG), where the app is promoting the app after removing the Epic Games developer account. PUBG is the first of its kind in a fighting game with different gameplay that makes it a favorite among most of […]

“Congratulation” All Winners -Techbugs Pubg Royal Pass Event


Congratulation Pubg Royal Pass Winners Royal Pass Winners List 1- Dragocomes (139 shares ) 2- Nadexsandydon (81 shares) 3- superkillers (77 shares) 4- कट्टप्पा (52 shares)   100 UC winners list 1- Yamraj739 (49 shares) 2- amrik45 (48 shares) 3- killer43(32 shares) 4- joy45(27 shares) 10 UC winners 1- PUBG ID : 5806443860 2- Pubg […]

Horizon Zero Dawn added another patch 1.02 to fix some bugs

If you miss it, Horizon Zero Dawn came out on PC a few weeks ago and got a very quick patch to update to 1.01 with a lot of known issues calling out. Now, the guerrilla game is moving on to update 1.02, which: I guessed it brings more improvements to the game. While many […]

PUBG Redeem Codes 2020 | Pubg Free Redeem Codes India


Pubg Free Redeem Codes – PUBG Mobile codes are promotional codes that Tencent releases, sometimes these codes are released monthly or they revealed during official live streams. So, if you’re looking to stay ahead of the game, be sure to keep an eye on the next PUBG Mobile livestreams. Pubg Free Redeem Codes Season 14 […]

Which Is The Best Battle Royale Fortnite vs Warzone

 Battle Royale of Fortnite has been ranked # 1 in the BR genre. In sports competitions such as PUBG, H1Z1, and Apex Legends, Fortnite outpaced them all. The level of impact of this game on the gaming world is huge. There can be many reasons behind this, but can Call of Duty Warzone outperform it? […]

How to play Erangel 2.0 map in PUBG Mobile v1.0 beta update

PUBG Mobile’s developers, Tencent Games, have been teasing it for some time for their long-awaited Erangel 2.0 map. However, now the wait is almost over as Erangel Map 2.0 has been released in the global beta of PUBG Mobile. The map of Erangel 2.0, as previously confirmed by PUBG Mobile executives, is set to reach […]

What are the Down side of PUBG Mobile Lite?

A year ago, Tencent Games launched the light version of the popular Battle Royal game PUBG Mobile to appeal to low-end gamers. This game, PUBG Mobile Lite, has gained immense popularity as players can get a great BR experience in the game. However, since it is designed for low-end phones, PUBG Mobile Lite may not […]