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Sennheiser finally Lunched the CX350BT and CX150BT Wireless Earphones in India

CX350BT and CX150BT Wireless Earphones

Renowned German audio brand, Sennheiser, launched two new wireless earphones on 3 March – the Sennheiser CX350BT and the Sennheiser CX150BT, with sports tags priced at Rs 7,490 and Rs 4,990 respectively. The new curtain earphones are powered by Bluetooth 5.0 and 10-hour long battery life. The CX 350BT allows users to easily access Google Assistant or Siri with an easy button.

Audiovisual Sennheiser of Germany today announced the launch of its new range of wireless earphones CX 350BT, and CX 150BT in India. With an experience of exceptional sound quality, long-lasting 10-hour battery life, and portable design, the CX 350BT and CX 150BT are built to go anywhere with an audience. In addition, the CXB 350B BT includes a dedicated voice assistant button for faster access to Siri or Google Assistant, as well as integrated features such as the integrated Senhizer smart control app that controls the phone. It provides an easy way to personalize, update and make sounds. The CX 350BT, priced at INR 7,490, and the CX 150BT priced at INR 4,990, will be available to product lovers from March 03, 2020.

No matter how fast life will be, the CX 350 BT and CX 150 BT can be relied on to maintain speed due to faster, easier USB-C charging, as well as longer battery life. They also have a sleek, compact design to ensure comfort and durability. Four different sized ear gestures make it easy to achieve a perfect, secure fit and offer excellent noise isolation. These features are intentionally designed to last forever.

Kapil Gulati, director of a consumer segment at Shri Senhijar Electronics India, said, “We are excited to launch two products in the wireless category for our Indian customers. Over the years, we have seen an unprecedented response in this segment.” And through these launches, we look forward to gaining more popularity in the youth segment. These earphones embrace the latest wireless technology and create thoughtful and sleek designs. At Sennheiser, our focus has always been on innovation. And with these new models in our wireless range, our goal is to provide access to our customers. King aims to help experience a better audio experience.

The sleek and compact design of Sennheiser’s all-new CX 350BT and CX 150BT earphones is built with Bluetooth 5.0 compatibility to provide fast and reliable connectivity. It also provides multi-pairing to connect two devices together. It is easy to achieve an ideal safe fit with excellent noise isolation on the go. The earphone’s intuitive remote is easy to control for music and phone calls, and audio codecs ensure a high-quality audio experience for SBC and AAC.

The CX 350BT also has AptX™ and AptX™ low latency support. On compatible devices, AptX™ is best synchronized with small-screen action – ideal when enjoying movies or gaming.

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