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Free Fire Season 35 Elite Pass release date ,Skins and more


Free Fire is a very popular game and as such it keeps rolling out fresh new content for the players every few weeks. The latest addition to Free Fire is the Season 34 Elite pass that the player base has mixed feelings for. These passes are worth 10k diamonds in the game. This exclusive pass has a lot of things in store for players – gun and vehicle skins, bundles and many other items. The Free Fire Season 34 elite pass is named Fuji the Legends and will begin on March 1st, 2021.


  • Garena releases a new Elite Pass every month in Free Fire.
  • Free Fire’s April Elite Pass is going to call ‘Bloodwing City’.
  • These rewards can only be obtained if players purchase the Elite Pass.

You can earn if you get involve in the Elite Pass content:

  • Street Devil skin set
  • Street Angel skin set
  • Demon Fury loot box skin
  • Celestial Blade skateboard skin
  • Demon Fury backpack skin
  • Dust-Off emote
  • 205 Badges: Character Lvl.4 Card
  • 210 Badges: Pet Food x3
  • 215 Badges: Universal Fragment x100
  • 220 Badges: Bonfire x5
  • 225 Badges: Male Bundle
  • 250 Badges: Elite Pass Exclusive Chest

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