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Free Fire Update Patch Note:OB23: Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Garena Free Fire is updated with the OB23 patch that adds a bunch of new features, including new characters, pets, and weapons. It also contains Clash Squad Season 2, a new generation island, and lots of additions and changes to the game. While there have been some reports of a Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan, he will be added to the game. It seems that it will not be so, at least for the time being.

Garena Free Fire-new characters and pets

Garena Free Fire has added a new character called Luqueta and is now available in the Fire Fire Store. Luqueta’s special abilities allow him to increase his maximum health points every time he kills. Health points can be increased by up to 35.
Hayato “Firebrand” is another upcoming Fire personality. However, unlike Luqueta, Hayato can be earned for free by joining the third anniversary of the game on August 22. Its capacity is called blade art and reduces front damage by up to 40% for three seconds. However, firing your weapon will disrupt the ability.
Mr. Wagor is an upcoming pet that targets those who like to use Gloo Walls. The pet gives players the ability to “soft balloon” that gives the player a grenade when they have less than one or two bombs.

New weapon

Garena Free Fire players will now be able to use the AUG Rifle at Classic Customs and Clash Squad. This weapon has been described as a very flexible option for players and comes with a 2x pre-adjustable range. In terms of statistics, the weapon has a damage ratio of 31, a magazine capacity of 35, and a fire rate of 147, which is not bad.

Squad Shock Season 2

Clash Squad Season 2 is returning for another season. Players have an opportunity to rank up to Gold III or higher for an exclusive item, the G18 Golden Pistol. In addition, there was a modification in the Clash Squad store, while professional Clash Squad stats can now be seen in the player profile.
Free Fire will now contain a new item called Horizaline. This allows players to refresh rather than wait for their teammates. Item is only available in team-based modes and can be used when installing it and its colleagues may not have the time or ability to come and revive their teammates. It also adds a strategic touch to the game where players will now have to make sure that the players die, as the falling player can come back and pick them up. However, it should be noted that Horizaline does not operate outside the playing area and only returns the player to the company’s ability. As such, players must ensure they are in a safe sport before using Horizaline, as they will have to use the medicine cabinet immediately to restore health.
The game also introduced a new hatchery island called The Runway. There was also a goal assistant modification in Clash Squad. Previously, players complained that Aim Assist would prioritize players who fell over those still in combat. The new setting should fix this problem.
Other changes include a change in the top speed of the bike, jeep, and tuk-tuk, which will now be 10 km / h faster. On the other hand, the SUV will be 10 km / h slower. In addition, the camera will now zoom out slightly when the car is at full speed for a greater sense of speed.