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free fire new update date


free fire new update date – The rearmost OB31 update of Free Fire (FF) was released on December 1, 2021. With this update, a lot of changes were introduced in the game, similar as new character Nairi, new pet Yeti, and much further.

Like the former updates, the forthcoming OB32 update will also bring numerous new changes and additions to the game

Free Fire OB32 Update Release Date –

The Free Fire’s Upcoming OB32 Update, aka January 2022 update, is anticipated to release on January 19, 2022.

But if you’re our (Free Fire Booyah!) regular anthology, you must know that there’s no detriment in counting on our expert vaticination, because we’re nearly right always.



Free Fire OB32 Update New Features

1. New Pet – Flash –

It’ll be named‘Flash.’It comes with a special skill called “ Steel Shell.” It works as follows Level 1 Reduce damage (from FF Knife and pellets) taken from before by 10 up to 100 points. Cooldown 150s. Cooldown 120s. Position 3 Reduce damage (from FF Knife and pellets) taken from before by 25 up to 150 points. Cooldown 90s.

2. Separate Bus Pick-up For Different Modes –

In settings, the Bus Pick-up point has been divided into two game modes “ Classic Modes” and “ Team Clash Modes.” It allows you to set up separate bus pick-up particulars for different modes.

3. New Gun – Charge Buster –

Charging resets if held over the threshold.
It’s kindly analogous to the Tube gun, but the difference is you don’t have to stay until it gets charged again. You have the ammo in your magazine; you just have to hold the fire button to boost.

4. Change Lobby Music –


5. Save your favorite Outfits –

You can save your favorite outfit to these two options, indeed if they’re part of two or three different packets.
Just equip formerly and save them then.

6. Game Mode Changes –

Rush Hour (Akimbo) has been added to the Alpine chart.
Alpine Map has been added to the Clash Squad mode.