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free fire next update date


free fire next update date – This time, we will tell you about the upcoming updates on Free Fire . Before we discuss further, we will also review a little back about the updates that were given by the Free Fire developers.

About the Upcoming Free Fire Update

That being said, there are a lot of players on Free Fire who don’t know about 111dots Studio’s plans regarding major changes to the ‘Bermuda’ map.

Moreover, this decision will make the development of the abilities of the characters in this game not too much of a difference.

Change of Character and Abilities

Regarding this, there are indeed some players who often choose the wrong character when they play with their friends.


Therefore, they also intend to provide features that allow players to change their features when they are in the game.

Character Ability Upgrade

Given, to be able to upgrade that ability does require a lot of gold.
Although you can actually outsmart by using diamonds (via top up), this step will be quite difficult for free players to do.