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PUBG Mobile vs Free Fire: What’s the major differences them?

PUBG Mobile vs Free Fire – Battle Royale games pioneered the growth of the mobile gaming industry, with PUBG Mobile and Free Fire the most popular games on the platform.

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It should be noted that these are just differences and not comparisons between the two matches.

PUBG Mobile vs Free Fire: Three main differences and size

1. Graphics and size:

PUBG Mobile runs on Unreal Engine for players a more realistic experience. Match, Free Fire products have overview requirements. PUBG Mobile (1.8GB) is relatively larger than Free Fire (553MB) also on Google Play.

2. The number of players in the match

In PUBG Mobile there are 100 players who fall on each other’s island. On the other hand, Free Fire Team only has 50 participants in the match. The latter calls for a pedometer action and has relatively smaller maps.

3. Pets Some pets in Free Fire

More and more unique in Garena Free Fire. More than ten pets are in the game, and the latest one, Mr. Wagor, has been added after the OB23 update. Each pet has its own special

This is not here. There is also another commandment, such as the number of letters, characters, and weapons. Also, more downloads have more downloads on the play store, than 500 million, while PUBG Mobile has over 100 million installs.


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