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Jeep’s off road electric bike is available for preorder at $5899 from today

The first briefing of the 2020 Jeep e-bike came in a Super Bowl ad last month, which was received immediately after receiving some details from both Jeep and manufacturing partner Quitkat. Now the e-bike has gone for pre-order, and we suspect, it’s not cheap.

Actor Bill Murray reinstated Jeep’s Super Bowl role this year. Focused on the Gladiators movie of 2020 for the lead role of the movie. But Murray did four swaps for two wheels and we got a quick look at the Mystery e-bike. Then the landing page arrived and the Jeep e-bike was officially born.

Details were brief at the time, but now that the e-bike is gone for pre-order, more specs have been revealed. To repair it again the range was charged per charge 40 miles ( 64 km), hitting a 750-W mid-drive motor, drawing a fire-link suspension sitting on 4.8 in-fat tires. General Chat Chat Lounge.

The Fire-Link suspension shapes the RockShox Monarch RL Rear Shockzip / QuitTeak as a true four-bar linkage system.
We now know that the Class 2 e-bike is being offered as a special edition of the Reitzner Electric Mountainbike in Quintet and is offered in two frame sizes 17 and 19 inches (43.18 or 48.25 cm). The hidden battery in the Dowchaat is a 14.5-Ah / 48-V unit that has been reported to be good at between 30 and 60 mph (48 – 96.5 km) per charge, with the mid-drive motor providing 160 Nm of torque and pedal support. Or throttle drive, the e-bike has 10-speed gears, and the stopping power comes from a 4-piston hydraulic brake with 203-mm rotors.

The suspension system is confirmed as an inverted air fork with a combination of 150mm travel and RockShox Monarch RL rear shock (120mm travel). The 9-inch rims are actually rolled in 8.8 inches CST Rowley Poly Fat Tires, the e-bike shows a scale of up to 79 lbs (8 35..8kg) and can handle up to 300 lbs (136kg). The mid-handlebar display shows ride information.

If you wish, the Jeep e-bike – or Regener Jeep version – has been available since June. Taste of the standard Seatpost costs $5,899, while a version of the remote dropper Seatpost will be installed, which costs $ 278 for you.

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