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Top 25 things you can do with Alexa in 2020

Alexa can do more than turn off her light. You can use a mini-program called Alexa Skills, which will boost your Amazon echoing routine.

Amazon Maison often publishes Alexa skills they like. We also have some suggestions of our own. These 4 Alexa Alexa skills can help you plan a meal, teach you a new fact of the day, or help boost your mind when you snap in the middle. Each one is given a high rating and is free to enable on your Amazon Echo device.


From food prep to shopping reminders, these Alexa skills make it even easier to tackle the refrigerator when you get home from work. Once you’ve mastered these abilities, there are plenty of other Alexa skills that can help you in the kitchen.

Chop Chop

What does it mean that chefs always mix vegetables or wonder? This is how Alexa cuts skills, gives her veg – and yes, offers free lessons on fruit – so you can become a professional chopper in time.

Our grocery

Anytime a fan, this Alexa skill lets you add items to the grocery list in our Under the Groceries app, which can be targeted to purchase from multiple retailers. These quick bites discuss topics ranging from home loans to major events in history, drinking coffee in the morning or snacking at lunch.

Ted Talk

This Alexa skill will lead you to a famous TED talk show, or speaker, or a laugh that you can find on this topic. Alexa can find and find the latest Ted Talk.

Alexa, make me smart

Through the app, you can listen to short playback on a variety of topics, from 5G to domestic debt. Kal Risal and Molly Wood run the market.

This day in history

A&E TV created this Alexa skill that tells you some of the important events in history that same day. You can also tell Alexa to tell you about the other days.

Break time

You don’t need to take long breaks to see some of the benefits, and these Alexa skills can help. Alexa has several methods, especially to help people get started with meditation. But these Alexa skills below are also great when you need to step back from the computer, get away from the kids or tune in for something.

The sound of the ocean

See, nowadays we can all use a moment of meditation and the waves that hit the beach can keep most of us in a trance. The Pro version of this skill lasts a four-hour loop, while the free version works for one. (Which is really free time.)

Give me joy

Who doesn’t need supplements once? Soap won’t get me up close and personal but do give you some comments to boost your mood throughout the day. Sure, what Alexa says with this skill will seem repetitive, but we hope you don’t tap it more than once a day.

Daily Meditate

Alexa offers skill meditation guides that you can play through Amazon’s digital assistant. You can try the free skill, but you will eventually need to pay if you want to keep using the routine.

A dose of positive energy

Name-calling skills that are played to help you get more excited about your day, these are simple messages.

Fitness Goals

These Alexa skills can begin with your exercise goal. Can’t always create a full workout in your day? Alexa has a lot of fast workout routines that can end in less than your coffee break. We have our favorites below and you can use more Alexa skills for fitness as you prepare to expand your workouts, as well as focusing solely on your health.


The skill of 2 million people who use Fitbit wearables is excellent, allowing people to test their goals, from workouts to sleep.

7-Minute Workout

With this free Alexa Skill, you get three different levels, from low-impact to standard and advanced. If you pair it with Alexa shows you can actually see the workouts on the screen.

6-minute total body strain

This skill really tells it, stretching a six-minute guide that you can do at home for your feet, arms, and shoulders. And it’s completely free.

5-minute plank workout

Again, we’ve got a skill here, which describes itself perfectly. For anyone looking to add a few planks to their exercise routine, this free skill helps you break the planks into short cuts and take five minutes. And you can have Alexa play music at the same time.

Smart home

Smart home with robot vacuum and smart speakers. Alexa Skills How You Can Increase Control Of Your Home And Connected Devices. Alexa Skills for Smart Homes is designed primarily for a specific brand or product. There are thousands of them, as well as smart locks in smart homes. Here are some popular products that we tested at GearBrain.

Aerobot Home

It combines Alexa Skill Romba’s iRobot Line Smart Vacuums and Brava Jet Robot Mop. You can start vacuuming the rumba using Alexa or return it to its charger.


This high level of skill gives Alex the ability to control TP-Link lights, switches, and how-to cameras. You must tell Alexa to control the specific presence or group installed in the app.

Search by phone

Ask Alexa and a digital assistant with this skill will call your phone number, helping you locate your missing phone. It’s easy to set up, but you’ll have to pay for five free to use – something to keep in mind.

Guard dog

This skill defines DIY in terms of home security. From a small dog to a big dog – a guard dog does nothing more than barking and raising a dog.


Voice control speakers and personal voice assistants at home. Designed for downtime, these Alexa skills help you feel a little free with just a little gaming and fun to ask.

Song quiz

With this Alexa skill, your device will play song tunes and even classic tunes from the top 40 – and then you have to guess the title.

Magic door

Alexa has many interactive games available as a skill, and the favorite is the Magic Door, which lets you go on an adventure, collect magic items, and explore different areas in the dark forest from an ancient temple.

For entrepreneurs

Set deadlines

Startups can more easily launch their launches by tapping into Alexa skills. When starting a business, any advice can apply, and these Alexa skills can help you schedule your day, fill in receipts, and focus throughout the day.

Quick events

This Alexa skill tuning in your Google Calendar – a great touch – allows you to add events and dates just by asking.


Now just ask Alexa to send you money, ask for funds or even check your PayPal balance. You do not need to create a four-digit PIN for PayPal skills to work.

Front row entrepreneur

This Alexa skill is actually a flash briefing, which can be scheduled to play every morning. How to be more productive in your day – The skills that every business owner wants to sharpen are recorded by Jane Lehner on social media, in various segments.


Storm havoc from the sky

Who does not know if the day is raining? These Alexa skills can help you find out if you need an umbrella or you can leave your jacket at home. And if you are experiencing some storms, check out our Alexa skills to help plan an emergency.

Big sky

Alexa skills require your address, but it can then estimate your area hourly. Pay for a premium account and you can also get radar images and weather-specific notifications on rain, wind, cold, and more.

the weather Channel

Alexa Skill comes by one of the experts in all things weather. To get the skills you need to work, you’ll need to provide a country and zip code, but from there you can ask for Alexa pollen number, UV index, and if it’s snowing.

MyRadar NOAA Weather Radar

It is designed for the Alexa Skill Echo Show, which produces radar maps on the screen based on your country and zip code.