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Call of Duty mobile developers have revealed some new content that is to prepare them for an update to season 9, Vijay, including a new event, franchise, and more.

After much anticipation, the ninth season of Call of Duty Mobile, Vijay, finally launched on 16 August. On top of bringing the classic WW2 theme to the popular game, there is also a new map, expansion of battle royale mode, new weapons, and loads of cosmetics.

Even for players to get to grips with all the new changes, developers already have a look at what the future is looking for with the following updates and new content.

The most interesting event will be a new event, but there is still much new to come. Unfortunately, however, there are no special dates for this.

However, the special event, named after the best hour, does not have a mid-August or late-August sign. Instead, he has a picture of new characters – Rejnov, Rictofen, Nikto, and Lev Kravchenko.


COD Mobile Season 9 Activision Roadmap

Regarding the mid-August update, these will see the introduction of the Amped feature, 10v10 mode, and a facelift for Outcome. The thermite bomb is the only thing marked in late August.

There may be more content along the way throughout the season, but since the roadmap usually reveals the next biggest changes, we probably won’t see anything big enough to take away the glamor or excitement that is already revealed Already happened.

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