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The craze of the delayed superhero of Fortnite seems to be over by now. The official Fortnite account on Twitter has revealed a teaser of another popular Marvel hero with its arrival date soon. Thor Fortnite’s crossover coincides easily with the start of Season 4, and this has led to speculation that it will be unlockable via Battle Pass, just as Aquaman has done this season. Whatever it is, the long-awaited first appearance of the Thunder God will take place on 27 August. He will surely make some noise when he comes to the scene.

We expected Thor to join Fortnite sooner or later, though his release is definitely over. Marvel Heroes made their debut in Fortnite in April 2019 with the release of the film Endgame. Since then, various Avengers characters have slowly entered the game. Earlier this year, Captain American made his debut for the July 4 celebrations. However, as he arrived via Bifrost, many suspected that Thor would soon join him. We think this is estimated correctly because it is almost the hammer time.

The Avengers will eventually unite in Fortnite

It took a long time, but the main Avengers are slowly coming into play. The addition of Thor Fortnite means that we have the possibility of Iron Man, The Hulk, and very soon. Referring to the Season 3 DC formula, fans will expect other Avengers to appear in stores in season 4.

Speaking of season 4, there is little information about any upcoming content. According to a leak from Twitter user HypeX, X-Men characters may also appear. He specifically mentioned a version of Billy with Wolverine’s skin and claws. Obviously you will also have collections of comic books that will also be found around the map.

Fortnite Captain America Knife

However, the most exciting news from this potential leak is that Thor / Marvel’s interest is mentioned on the map. Rewrite the previous chapter of Fortnite, and you may remember that at some point in Gotham City there was formerly the Tilted Towers site. Therefore, the possibility of Asgard appearing in Fortnite is not an extended thing. As a final note, Donald Mustard, Global Creative Director of Epic Games, Iron Man with his Twitter banner, and Dr. Appears to tease Dom. Taking all things into consideration, it appears that the Fortnite Marvel rumors have been verified.


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