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GTA 6: Know all about Release Date And Storyline

The GTA 6 Reddit community has already posted beans about releasing their Sixth Schedule. We have some important information. This is all thanks to the latest GTA 6 Project America leaks. We do all this amidst the variety of playful characters and the many witty places. GTA 6 is the sequel to GTA 5 of Rockstar Games. GTA 6 will likely be released for later Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5 and (if you like Grand Theft Auto V). The first and most obvious information is that this is another Rockstar Worldwide production.

GTA 6: Release Date

As we know, the launch of GTA 5 has become a huge success, as it was launched in 2013 and earned $ 800 million in the first day and $ 1 billion within three days of its launch. GTA Five emerges as the fastest-promoting entertainment product in history. So enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for GTA 6.
But, the valid launch date for Grand Theft Auto is 6. So, this is clearly not always very good news for GTA fans; They will have to wait longer. But 2021 is expected to be its launch date, however, 2022 and 2023 seem more reliable.

GTA 6: Story

Well, this is the codename. It has a dual structure. Don’t take it really It has sites that can be Vice City and the alternative is a fictional location located in Rio de Janeiro.
This will be a constant of realism and imagination with some linear assignment at hand.
With the history of the 1970s and 1980s, we already have names of potential players. You play Ricardo, the next drug lord. Then we have Casey, the main character, who has an important place in the entire story. The plot begins when you play the role of a cocaine smuggler in all-new South American territories, from Vice City. There is also a jail breakpoint that will be an intrinsic part of the game.

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