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Hitman 3 will be available for PC Gamers on Epic Store From August 27

The 2016 reboot of Hitman delivers updated graphics while maintaining a stealth graphics gaming experience. The game also takes location updates for the Hitman series, which has expanded the Mission Arena in which you play as Agent 47 Supercharge. One of the newest venues, for example, New York City – which will come with the Hitman (2016) package that Epic Games will offer free starts next week.

Epic Games announced in early 2020 that as part of promoting its store, the publisher would offer PC players a free game to download each week through the Epic Store. While a large proportion of free-to-play indie titles are produced by lesser-known developers, Epic made headlines when it offered the groundbreaking open-world game Grand Theft Auto: V to all PC players for free. It also provides very convenient rules for getting free games – all you have to do is create an Epic Store account, log in with it on the Epic Player for PC and download it whenever it is convenient for you. Do it Basically, once you register and click “buy” for a free game, it’s yours for free – forever.

Epic Games tried to wage a serious competition against Valve’s Steam Store, which has long been quite effective on the PC gaming front. In an effort to compete with the more established Steam and move beyond its Fortnite-based identity, Epic Games today has a number of PC-exclusive games under its wing, including the upcoming Tony Hawk Pro Skater franchise, Ubisoft AAA, and Assassin’s Creed: Vallah is included. And of course, Hitman 3. The latter is self-published by the makers of IO Interactive and is expected to debut in January next year.