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Hitman and Shadowrun Collection FREE on Epic Game Store – Best giveaway of all time

Hitman and Shadowrun  – “Self-publishing Hitman 3 is a big step for IO Interactive in achieving our very ambitious goals as a standalone studio,” said IO CEO Hakan Abrak when he announced the exclusivity deal. “In addition, this partnership with Epic has given us the freedom to create the game as we imagined, for our fans and our enthusiastic community.”

It has been only a few years since IO faced layoffs, while Square Enix tried to dig up the company. Without the parent company or publisher supporting this time around, the stability Epic should feature comfortable cash.

Hitman 3 arrives at the Epic Games Store on 20 January 2021. I know 2021 is not likely to happen next year, but I have checked twice. It also comes on Xbox, PlayStation and Stadia. The release on Steam and other stores will hopefully follow after the special period ends?

Hitman and Shadowrun  – As the first two parts of this trilogy on Steam merge into one big “world of murder” with locations and killing devices in one game, what exactly will happen on the Epic release and how is it a big question that’s just completely Remains to be answered. Io said that they are “happy to move the mastery and location for Hitman 3 from their current advance on the Epic Games store,” which of course means that things will proceed as before. And if it did not, it would be horrifying. But they have not yet gone into details.

Io plans to turn off Ghost Mode in Hitman 2 before launching Hitman 3, and it will not return to the game. They also plan to disable collaboration in sniper assassin mode at some point.


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