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Microsoft Flight Simulator: One of the Highest Rated PC Game launches today

Microsoft Flight Simulator flew from the sky today – and no, you didn’t travel back in time to 2006 (which looks good now). This is a new version of the beloved computer game and is surprisingly good for its satellite imagery coupled with an updated graphics engine.

As you’d expect for a new release, it’s expensive: The standard version will cost you $ 60. (There are deluxe and premium deluxe editions at $ 90 and $ 120, but I’ll go back to those two.) There’s one way you can play Flight Simulator for much less, though: sign for Microsoft Xbox Game Pass for PC Make up If you are new to the service, the first month will cost you only $ 1. (After $ 5 a month.)

Check it out on MICROSOFT

For those not familiar with it, Game Pass is a subscription service that provides unlimited access to the game’s select library. To my surprise, the new flight simulator is part of that library – the standard version, anyway. If you want an upgraded version, you must buy it.

It is like getting a one-month trial for a profit. There should be enough time to make sure the game runs well on your system (some horsepower is needed if you want the best view) and to see if you really like it.

Assuming everything is going well, you can continue the game pass at $ 5, or consider buying the game immediately. Note: Flight simulators may now be $ 60, but this price will fall. Game pricing always does, as we discussed in the final episode of The Cheapskate Show Podcast.