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Pokémon GO Ultra – Dragon Week has come and gone on Pokémon Go, and now it’s Enigma Week, as we celebrate the strange and inexplicable creatures of Poke-Poetry, of which there are many. Unlike Dragon Week, it also comes with the introduction of a new Pokemon family: Ellem appearing, as well as Beehive Evolution. He has Hitchhiker’s guides as an allium for a galactic feel. Let us do what happens.
Ovules: The focus here is not on any species or groups of species, but only on mysteries. Strange Pokemon, in short. Here are some things we are looking for:
  • Start
  • Jigglypuff
  • Cliffe
  • Lunation,
  • Solrock,
  • Balto
  • Bronzor
  • The gym
Eggs: The 7-kilogram Pokémon event will be created during the Eggs event, which includes Kleffa, Iggluff, Luntone, Solarock, and Allium. Getting the shiny cliff, so I hope I guess.
Blitz: The Reds appear to have bizarre Pokémon raids, including Bronzong, Kledol, Elegem, Uno U, L, T, R, and A. Now the 5-Star Raids will be regulars from Dexis, who have a chance to dazzle.
Pokémon GO Ultra – Shiny Anon: Shiny Anoun makes his debut during Pokémon Go Fest, but it is an award. Unown is actually one of the rarest creatures in the game, and for players who were unable to attend the events, GO Fest was their first real chance to have one. Shiny Unown is very rare, and one day I am sure that the complete alphabet of Shiny Unown will be the ultimate achievement in the game.
Shiny Styria: Shiny Staryu will also make her debut, who deserves it.
Searching: This time does not seem to be a time-bound search, which is tricky: I think most weekly programs these days come with a timed search. However, there is some new field research that Silk Road is listing on its website here.
And that’s the biggest part of it. Shiny Dino was a highlight of the past week, and this time nothing is notable. The album is undoubtedly a notable addition, but it appears to be popular enough that it does not take long to develop. Check back next week to see what’s new at Unova Week.

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