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PUBG Mobile: Best locations to find sniper rifle in Erangel map

PUBG mobiles have some of the best weapons of choice, but sniper rifles are always a top priority for players. One reason is that the player gets a huge adrenaline rush when hitting the enemy in the head. In this article, we discuss the best Arrangel Map Sniper Rifles locations in the game.

Top Five Sniper Rifles Place in PUBG Mobile’s Erangel Map:


The best place to get a sniper rifle in the Erngel map on PUBG mobile is Pochanky. The area has a large number of vehicles, making it one of the best loot percentage spots in the game. The player can quickly acquire a Kar98k sniper rifle or even a Pochanky’s M24 rifle at one of these buildings.

Military Base

The second place where the sniper rifle is most likely to be acquired is the Sosnowka Military Base. It falls under the hint of high loot areas, and the player can obtain a sniper rifle either in a triangular building or in compounds near it. But the risk of landing here is also high, as this place is one of the sports attractions.


Rozhok is also one of the best places to find Erangel’s sniper rifle in PUBG Mobile. There are many small to medium vehicles at this place to get some good loot for yourself and your team. The risk of being killed is minimal, and with some easy tactics, you can easily eliminate enemy teams.

Gergopol City

If the player wants to get a sniper rifle, then the city of Gergopol is also a great option. The city is surrounded by Gergopol containers, and some excellent players are looted in its premises. The player can loot several apartments and other premises to obtain a sniper rifle during the match.



Novorpannoy containers fall fifth on this list. It is always a favorite for players who want to work hard and get into early fights. Four to five teams land in each match as the plane passes over these containers.
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