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In the last 25 years Internet users, who grew up in the 1980s and 1990s, became the first people in India to use computers and the World Wide Web. In most households, these users were predominantly young high school students. Of course, there was a clear rift between the “ kids ” and the parents – an ongoing conflict between rebel tech geeks that tore down copies of GTA: San Andreas and Need for Speed: The Most In-demand Torrent Sites, and Strictly Parents whose internet, and games, in particular, were in a tolerant and often unnecessary luxury.
While they are two completely different games, the reason behind our unique PUBG Mobile and Ludo King is the influence they have made in age groups, and the democratization of a region that has been around for the longest time, seriously in India. . In the midst of all this is the Internet, and India’s growing data connection capacity. This not only brought user communities together across multiple age groups but also defined what smartphones meant to people in different cities and preferences.

PUBG Mobile: Small Guns Caught

Godwin Gaming co-founder and managing director Akshat Rathe told News18, “We have been broadcasting our gaming tournaments on many platforms like MX Player and Voot before, but now finally, we are seeing that the ecosystem really closes Used to be. It took us about three to five times. A popular ecosystem has been developing over the years to promote sports as we are doing today. Our Hotstar viewership is in the millions today. “
The Kovid-19 pandemic increases viewership to one million when physical sports events worldwide are canceled. Rati says that the Nodwin Games Championship, ESL India Premiership, filled that void very effectively, and also had a streaming impact. “By airing these tournaments on major platforms, and even with the time available to parents during shutdowns, we have seen an increase in interest in exports. Old age groups are finally beginning to understand what the younger generation has been accustomed to, and have seen the scope of organizing these tournaments. It will definitely make a positive impact in the gaming world, ”he says.
In the midst of all this, there is an ease in the availability of smartphones that can play games easily, and of course, the Internet is widely available and inexpensive. Today’s data plans provide the internet as Rs 3-4 per gigabyte, and the implications are huge. Rati claims to rank consistently among the most-watched live sports in India, noting that the effects of sports broadcasting on television are far-reaching and provide tangible evidence of gaming as more than just an extraordinary game.
Rathe believes that Internet-powered mobile usage is the biggest factor behind the growth of the gaming industry in India. “Think of computer games as a test of cricket and console games like one-day cricket matches. On this note are portable games, T20 cricket – they do not require extensive and extensive resources to become mobile players, they are widely available. For all, it is also more immediate. This has helped the Games move from major cities to Tier 2 cities and beyond, ”he says.
“For PUBG Mobile, the main language of the games is Hindi. The first broadcast we did in partnership with Tencent for the PUBG Mobile India series was not in English but in Hindi. This clearly explains the differences and perceptions in this area. Broke from – it was being seen. Computer games as always being in English, and require a level of knowledge and sophistication. It’s all gone, “says Rathi. It is a process of democratization of the gaming industry that confirms exactly what the Internet has done for gaming, and the effect simply does not stop with PUBG Mobile.

Ludo King: Play Anytime, Anytime

While younger viewers have loved the excitement of games like PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty, the modest game on the other hand has become a sensation in the last few months. Ludo, the ancient ubiquitous board game family of Indian society, took an avatar online and photographed at the top of the popularity chart. In May 2020, Ludo King had over 189 million monthly active users and over 51 million daily active users – the envy of major tech companies worldwide.
Today, Ludo King has over 100 million downloads on the Google Play Store, and publicly available data by Censor Tower links it to the top 10 downloaded games of the past few months. With a simple interface, the ability to play against strangers, as well as make boards with friends and family members, and cute stickers to inspire participating players or excite opponents, Ludo King India’s Internet Symbolizes the unique growth of the ecosystem.
It also showed how the Internet is growing in India. Ludo King has become an effective way for people to communicate and has spent the last few months playing time with friends, playing Ludo with families. It may not be a game in the same sense, the RGB-powered, hoodie that portrays young players around the world, but it is perhaps the most ideal candidate to underline the impact of the Internet on us as a society today.
25 years later, the Internet is no longer a luxury – it is a necessity in the same way that entertainment relieves stress. This is a requirement of information and also, a catalyst that has led to India being considered a serious career choice for gaming.

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