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G-Cam 7.5 will no longer saves portrait shot in different folders

If you own a pixel capable of taking selfies and risk storing them to back up or transfer your photos, then you must have noticed the ridiculous mess of photo folders. For some reason, each pair has found its own separate folder, which complicates the use of third-party gallery apps or backup solutions. Fortunately, with Camera 7.5, this is no longer the issue.

This new version of the camera app is currently only available in the beta version of Android 11. A few days ago, we found out that it made a controversial change to the image naming convention, but what we didn’t notice at the time and what our guide now brings to our attention is that it is working on a fix. Selfie clutter.

First, any binary of the selfie you take will be saved inside separate folders in the DCIM / Camera directory. This means a whole bunch of folders for each pair of pictures. When you can’t tell the difference in the Photos app, any third-party gallery (except Simple) is filled with these separate folders. You had to open each picture separately, the pictures did not appear in chronological order with the rest of your photos and videos, and if you decide to delete one or both of them, you still have an empty, unwanted folder is.

Any attempt to backup your camera directory to another volume will migrate the same file structure and will cause trouble if you want to clean it and group all media together. In short, she was not elegant.

The problem is resolved in the simplest way with Camera 7.5. Vertical shots are saved directly inside the DCIM / Camera directory, so the subfolder problem is completely resolved.

With Camera 7.5, the new selfie is saved in the camera roll.

The naming convention has also changed for the better, as you can now sort by name without messing with chronology:

  • Version 7.4 and earlier: 00100dPORTRAIT_00100_BURSTYYMMDDHHMMSS … (The fuzzy property used starts with 00000, so many images cannot be sorted by name)
  • Version 7.5: PXL_YYYYMMDD_HHMMSS.PORTRAIT-01.COVER.jpg (fuzzy parent ends instead of -02, so it does not affect the sort order).

Since Camera v7.5 is only compatible with Android 11, you will need to run the beta to try out this feature. You can get the latest version of APK Mirror.