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Google Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G will be Release by September 30th

It has been more than two weeks since Google revealed the Pixel 4a, many users are worried about what will happen to Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G. Thankfully, Google has been good enough to reveal the presence of both devices, and they will be launched in the coming months but no exact launch date has been specified.

However, we received advice today on how Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G will be released soon. How soon? Well, Google plans to launch both phones separately.

Tipster suggests that Google Pixel 5 will be launched on September 30, and Pixel 4a 5G will be launched in October.

Salah meets John Prosser who has been notorious for such leaks in the past as well, and many of them were also aware. According to Prosser, Google will launch Pixel 5 on 30 September, while Pixel 4a 5G will be launched in white color in October.

According to Prosser, Pixel 5 will be launched in black and green, while the Pixel 4a 5G will be launched in black and white. As far as the specifications are confirmed, the PIxel 4a 5G is to be launched with the Snapdragon 765G and will feature a dual-camera at the rear. Google has already confirmed that it will sell in the US for $ 499. For the Google Pixel 5 phone, things get a bit tricky, as rumors suggest that the device will launch for $ 699, but it will be equipped with the same Snapdragon 765G chipset, but Google is definitely making the Pixel 5 a better-designed, upgraded camera. The sensor will release up to an additional $ 200 on the Pixel 4a 5G with plus water resistance.

No other information has been revealed on both phones, but we believe that in the coming days, many details will start leaking, as is usual.

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