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7 Gmail Tips and Tricks to Supercharge your Inbox mails 2020

7 Gmail Tips and Tricks to Supercharge your Inbox mails 2020 – As a web app, Gmail is a constant work in progress, but the amount of under-the-hood power is pretty staggering. Sure, there are plenty of browser add-ons and extensions that can enhance Gmail specifically, far beyond its original parameters. However, not every bit of power-user tech in Gmail requires special accessories. Plenty is possible via the main interface without ever installing something extra.

Thankfully, there are ways to master your inbox before it masters you. Here are 7 Gmail tips and tricks to help you get control of your email.

1- Add your Emails to Google Tasks(Gmail Tips and Tricks )

Wanna be your most productive self? With this Gmail trick, you can add your email to a virtual to-do list. Let’s say you receive an email about an upcoming project. Simply add the email to Tasks, so that when you’re ready to work on it, you get a notification and you have all the details you need in front of you.

How to use this: Select the emails you want to create a task for and click on the three vertical dots below the search bar. Click on the ‘Add to Tasks’ option and set the date & time when you’d like to work on it.



2-Organize your emails using ‘Labels’

An email inbox is only as effective as you organize it to be, and Gmail’s Labels help you do that.

For each message you receive, you can add a label, so they become easier to find when you need them. For instance, important messages from your office can be labeled as “work”. Then, when you need to access them, simply type, “label: work” in the search bar, and they’ll pop up.


How to use this: Select the emails you want to label and then click on the ‘Labels’ option to add one. To create a new label, click on ‘Settings’. Then, under the ‘Labels’ tab, scroll down to the last section, and click on ‘Create new label’.

3. Join Google Meet directly from Gmail

This feature lets you start and join meetings directly from your inbox now. You can seamlessly switch between Gmail and video meetings as per your convenience without having to switch tabs.


Very recently, Google announced that Google Meet will soon be available on mobiles. It will be free and available to everyone using G-suite. Soon there will be a ‘Meet’ tab in your Gmail app, whether you are on Android or iOS.

How to use it: To start a meeting, click on ‘Start a meeting’ option and share the meeting ID for others to join. To join a meeting, click on ‘Join a meeting’ and enter the meeting ID to instantly get looped into a video meeting.

4. Automate email sending 

This is an amazing Gmail productivity trick that lets you send out automated emails. All you need to do is create an email template and schedule it. Gmail lets you schedule about 100 emails. You can edit, modify or delete these emails before they are sent.


How to use it: Open Gmail and click on compose an email. After composing your draft, click on the dropdown arrow over the “send” button. Click on ‘Schedule Send’ to schedule your email.

5. Export Email Addresses from Gmail

Gmail creates a backup of all the contacts you frequently interact with. These contacts can be exported with the help of Gmail to Outlook, Yahoo, and other providers. All your contacts are always available for access to Google Contacts.


Use this: Go to your Google Contacts. Next, click on the ‘More’ option and select the contacts you want to export. Then, click on the ‘Export’ option. You can export your frequent contacts as ‘Google CSV’ file, ‘Outlook CSV’ file or as a ‘vCard’.

6. Accessing Gmail without internet

Gmail allows you to compose emails, even without an internet connection. You may often be stuck at places where you do not have an internet connection, such as a parking lot, lift, or lobby. Still, Gmail allows you to go through your emails and even compose new ones. The composed emails are eventually sent when you are back with internet connectivity.

7. Recall Sent Email in Gmail using ‘Undo Send’ Feature

This feature allows you to have a sent message stopped within a grace period of time assigned by you. We’ve all sent a message accidentally and wish we could retrieve it in time, so the recipient doesn’t see it. Well, now you can do just that with the help of this powerful feature. Simply assign a grace time period to undo sent messages in the settings. After you click on the send button, you will have a popup at the bottom to undo it for a specific period decided by you.


How to use this: Click on ‘Settings’. Under ‘General settings’, you will find ‘Undo Send’. Select the grace time you wish to have to undo sent emails.