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How to Watch Disney+ in India

Disney plus

Just a few days after the launch of Apple TV +, another new competitor in video streaming entered the ring. Yes, we are talking about Disney + and its arrival among the likes of Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu and others. It has been discounted in only a few places, but due to a sensation, thanks to the huge selection of Star Wars, Marvel and Pixar films.

Disney + was only launched in the US, Canada and the Netherlands (the company used it as a pre-launch service lab). However, if you want to see the original Disney + original, including Mandalion, then how to use Disney + in India:

Steps to Install and Use Disney+ Outside US


1. Visit and download the APKPure APK on Android. I know, metadata appears, right? Then you have to install Disney + using APK +.

2. Do not open the Disney + app until you are prompted to do so. Now, go to the Google Play Store and download the application (Free in-app purchases start at Rs 69), CloudFare’s popular DNS service. You can try other DNS services as well, but we tried it with CloudFare and it was working quite well.

3. Run and press the Mega Switch button in the center to enable the DNS service. We suggest that you use the service with WARP for faster connection speeds.

4. The moment you all wait for is finally here. Open Disney + and you will see a “Start Free Trial” button below. Immediately press this button to start the registration process.

5. Once registered and sign up for Disney + which uses a credit / debit card through the Google Play prompt. is that all. Now you can enjoy the original Disney TV show.

Note: Do not uninstall App when using Disney + on Android smartphones.


Once you can create a Disney + account using the above steps, it is not difficult to use the service on your desktop. All you need is a reliable VPN and VPN service. So, follow the steps given below to see the steps we have chosen:

1. Open Google Chrome on your computer (can be any browser) and install the Windsapp VPN plugin from the link here.

2. To get you started, enough to register on the windshield VPN and confirm your email address to get 10GB of free data. Click on the “globe icon” in the appendix, and select anywhere in the United States or Canada. Then press the power button to start using the VPN service.

3. Turn on VPN and voila service, now Disney + should run in browser window. Just log in with the same credentials listed above and enjoy the first episode of Mandalion.

Note: We have just tried to use DNS and VPN proxy service on Windows and MacOS desktops, but we faced a big problem. Disney + asked you to subscribe to the service with a credit / debit card from the area. This means that you need a credit card issued in the United States, Canada, or the Netherlands.

Ready for Star Wars and Marvel Binge Sessions?

This is too much. Disney + has become a true dream for hardcore Star Wars and Marvel fans, or most important for Pixar film fans. And let’s not forget the huge nostalgic collection of Disney TV shows like Races and Duck Tales and bootable movies. You can now see what you want by following the step by step guide only.

Once you subscribe to Disney +, continue and check out the first episode of Mandalion. It is a punishment and you will like it.