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Mobile Bus Simulator On Pc


Mobile bus game – Mobile Bus Simulator, coming from the LOCOS, is running on Android systerm in the history.
Now, You can play Mobile Bus Simulator on PC with Gameloop easily.

Download it in the Gameloop library or hunt results. No more eyeing the battery or frustrating calls at the wrong time any more.

Mobile Bus Simulator Preface

Transport passengers from a megacity to another megacity terminal through amazing places and geographies.
Follow business rules, transport passengers, telolet for children, and do not be hysterical to travel further because you’ll earn further plutocrat.
Customize your machine with kinds of uniform, cornucopias, telolets, fenders, velgs, and numerous further!

Make your machine the center of attention by installing a STROBE Light!
Realistic places, Detailed machine vehicles, awful innards will make you feel like driving a real machine!

Get Mobile Bus Simulator now!


-Realistic Charts
-Detailed Motorcars (super high decker, double-decker, and further to come.)
– Machine STROBE Lights
-Realistic Machine driving experience
– Machine customization with kinds of uniform, cornucopias, telolets, fenders, and velgs to choose from.
-Open/ Close door button
-Animated people entering/ exiting the machine
-Weather conditions ( sunny and rain full of thunder) and day night cycle
-Steering Wheel, Buttons or Tilt controls .
-Colorful camera angles ( cabin cam, external cam, free moving cam)

-Detailed machine innards
-Intelligent AI and Business System
-Tons of AI vehicles variations ( hydrofoil, motorcars, Tahu Bulat, truck cabe/ Stut Jack, box, police auto, canvas     tank truck, and numerous further.)
-Realistic business rules
-Machine sound goods
-Machine cornucopia and TELOLET sound goods
– Achievements and Leaderboards
– Challenge your musketeers with online rankings


– Choose the applicable plates settings with your phone’s capability to play the game easily.
– Choose how to control your machine for easy driving on the settings menu.
– Turn on the light at the night so you can avoid accidents.
-When your machine ran out of gas, you can buy gas on offer or at the nearest gas station.
-If you follow business rules, transport numerous passengers, telolet for the children, trip far during the game, you’ll earn further further plutocrat.