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Facebook Dark Web deal over 267 million data effected


Facebook is in trouble again and this time around it is for a data breach that has led to the personal data of over 267 million users being sold on the dark web.


In today’s generation when we talk about privacy being an essential fundamental right of the individual, Facebook what’s up to personal data of two 67 million Facebook users on sale for $600 on the dark web.

Cybersecurity expert J. Eduardo Campos said this month’s leak doesn’t appear to be as bad as Cambridge Analytica, but that final judgment should be reserved for when more details emerge

“This one has the potential to be as bad, but we don’t know how sophisticated the criminals who got this data are,” Campos told The Post. “[Cambridge Analytica] was worse because they were able to clearly define what they were trying to achieve.”

Also in the year 2018, Facebook revealed that a bug in its system accidentally exposed the private photos of nearly 7 million users. The breach gave certain third-party apps access to photos that were uploaded but not yet made public on Facebook, as well as photos on Facebook’s Marketplace and Stories features.

Facebook shares were flat in extended trading, down just four cents from its closing price of $206.06.