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Netflix Offers a Free Subscription for 83 Years For Users

Netflix Offers a Free Subscription for 83 Years For Users – American media-services provider and production company Netflix has announced a new offer wherein users can get 83 years of free subscription.

To avail the offer, users have to score the highest in “The Old Guard” videogame.

Last week, the company released The Old Guard film, which featured Charlize Theron who plays the role of Andy.

To promote the new original movie of the company, it has launched the “Immortal” Netflix account.

  • Netflix is now offering users a chance to win a free subscription for 83 years.
  • The company calls it the “immortal” Netflix account.
  • To get it, you need to play and win big in a new Netflix game.

How To Get Free Netflix For 1000 Months?

Step 1: Watch The Old Guard movie, which has been recently released on Netflix

Step 2: Once you have completed the movie, move over to the website of The Old Guard game.

Step 3: Don’t get killed in the game, and become immortal. The player who finishes the game in shortest time with minimum deaths will become the winner, and get the prize of free Netflix for life.

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