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Vivaldi Browser for Android Update Brings Improved Ad Blocking, Anti-tracker and More

Vivaldi Browser
Ivaldi Browser’s Android app has received a new update, with app makers claiming to have improved the browser with two very important aspects – blocking cookie trackers, and a new comprehensive interface.
With this update, Vivaldi for Android has greatly improved its anti-tracking service and blocking native ads. After this update, users will be able to create custom lists that allow specific sites to use cookies on your browser while blocking any unnecessary lists. This feature also accommodates any webpage you have added to your whitelist in your account, and the browser can now choose to load ads only for that specific page, while all other third-party ads on any page Blocking which is not in the list.
The enhanced ‘tab’ functionality allows users to switch between views of open, private, recently closed, and synchronized tab pages by clicking the corresponding icon in the bottom bar. Vivaldi believes that the redesign provides better UI design and that it will be more compatible with the web browser design language on the desktop. This, in turn, can be a more consistent user experience for those who like to try Vivaldi on the most popular web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and more. In addition to this redesign, Vivaldi also moved features such as panel functionality, bookmarks, history, notes, and user interface downloads to the previous version of the browser.
Other minor features added to this update, Vivaldi for Android 3.2 now includes Dark Mode support for the Speed ​​Dial wallpaper theme, an improved landscape mode to provide more screen space, a user’s image in sync settings, Regular security patches, and additional improvements. notes.

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