Zoom Boom : India says video conference app Zoom is ‘not safe’


Zoom: It would also avoid DOS attack by restricting users through passwords and access grant (File)

  • Zoom App has become favourite past time of people during lockdown
  • It has issues relating to privacy, security: Home Ministry official
  • Centre says the app indulges in dubious practices


For Zoom, popularity has come with increased scrutiny. The video conferencing app, which is currently the top free app on Google Play Store in India, has seen daily meeting participants cross 200 million in March alone using both free and paid sessions. In December 2019, this stood at 10 million daily participants, which shows just how much the service has grown thanks to the COVID-19 and almost all companies in many countries adopting work from home.
During lockdown enforced almost across the world has meant Zoom is no longer limited to the enterprise world with everyone from friend circles to schools using it extensively. And as with any app or service that gains sudden popularity, Zoom has also been flooded with its share of problems.
But the Ministry of home affairs warned people the popular video meeting service Zoom, is not safe for use.Government-issued a new statement along with a set of guidelines. earlier, India’s Computer Emergency Response Team (Cert In) had also posted an advisory against Zoom over safety and privacy concerns.
In a new guidelines, MHA has said that Zoom not used by government offices for official purposes. But those private individuals who wish to use the service can do so, but they will need to keep some features in mind to ensure safety.
Guidelines for Zoom users by MHA-
  • Set a new user ID and password for each meeting
  • Enable the waiting room, so that every user can enter only when the host, who is conducting the meeting, admits them.
  • Disable join before the test.
  • Allow screen sharing by host only.
  • Disable “allow remove participants to rejoin.”
  • Restrict/disable file transfer option (if not required)
  • Lock the conference once the attendees have joined.
  • Restrict the recording feature.
  • End meeting, not just leave (for the administrator)


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