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There are no local call recording apps on iOS to record iPhone calls. You have to rely on the phone recording app to record voice calls on iPhone. The best iPhone call recorder is able to record incoming and outgoing calls. This iPhone call recorder app can record calls on iPhone or web server depending on the application. For those who want to use the call recorder, you need to call from the call recording apps to record calls. Another option is to set up a three-way call from iPhone to record voice calls to the application provider’s server.

Let’s have a list of the best call recorder app on iPhone, iPhone apps can record incoming and outgoing calls.

Call Recorder – IntCall

This iPhone Call Recorder app allows you to record outgoing iPhone calls on your phone. The good thing about this call recorder is that with this app to record automated iPhone calls, the recorded voice calls are private and save the iPhone instead of saving them on third-party servers. To use this application to record calls, you must purchase additional credits, and this application misses you at the rate of one minute to record calls.

Call Recorder – IntCallTo records calls, you must call directly from the app, and calls will be recorded. IPhone calls recorded on the phone can be played, synced to iTunes with your computer, and an address is assigned to each recording. These calls are made through the VOIP call recording server and you can record local and international calls.

Since calls are made via VOIP server and the Internet, no additional call charges will be charged from your carrier and the calls will not be included in your phone bill. In fact, you don’t need a SIM card to make calls, but you must have a good internet connection (WiFi / 3G / 4G).

Call Recorder – IntCall records only outgoing calls on the iPhone’s memory, and incurs a per-minute fee for recording calls. Download from iTunes

CallTap: the call recorder

CallTap is a private and secure call recording app for iPhone that allows you to record incoming and outgoing calls. This app ensures that they will never give your data to third parties. There is no limit to the number of calls that you can record, and there is no limit to the long recording time.

To start recording, you can either buy a subscription to get the best value for your money or you can buy a minute package if you only need to record a call or two. As an added bonus, CallTap provides a way to transfer your recorded calls directly to the iPhone app. This function is able to copy calls in 30 different languages ​​and dialects. You can read more information about the CallTap app here.

CallTap records incoming and outgoing calls on your iPhone through a subscription or subscription package. . Download from iTunes


IPadio is a great way to record iPhone calls and limit them to a maximum of 60 minutes. To record calls using this app, first of all, call your local ipadio number and enter your unique PIN. You can call the required number and combine two calls to start recording.

Call recording app on iPadioWith iPadio iPhone, both sides of the conversation will be recorded, and the sound will automatically appear in your online account after the call. Voice Call Recorder allows you to add addresses, descriptions, pictures and geo addresses to your call log files. The app provides the option to record and upload to the web directly from your iPhone or live audio.

Ipadio records incoming and outgoing calls and saves it to the web server with payment. . Download from iTunes

Call Log Pro

This call recorder app is designed to work with WiFi networks and may not be effective with 3G networks. Before you start using this app, you must register using the email and password to register your call. The call log app must call from the app to record the call. Once the call is made and ended, the recording is saved directly to your phone in the “Call log” section of the app.

Your call log will display the history of the call log, the time and length of the call and the number or contact you called. You also have the option to rename the registry. You can select a registration and email it yourself. The call log will be sent as a .wav file. This app charges you for recording calls per minute.

Call Log Pro records incoming and outgoing calls on iPhone for a usage fee for each use. . Download from iTunes

Google Voice (free voice recorder)

This is a completely free service from Google, who just want to record calls for short periods of time or for entertainment. Since it is a free service, there are pros and cons of this app. With Google Voice, you are only allowed to record incoming calls, and outgoing calls cannot be recorded. You can record incoming calls to the Google Voice number that is forwarded to iPhone or Android.

The article described in the link above contains step-by-step instructions with posted footage. The maximum recording time for each call using Google Voice is 3 hours. However, this service is completely free and no call recording app is required. However, you must set up a free Google Voice service with your Google Account before recording an audio call.

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