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Huawei is about to launch a new MateBook X just six months after unveiling the current model in Barcelona. The new version will come with a 3K display and ultra-thin bezels on August 19. The device will weigh significantly less than its predecessor, too.
It has been a few months since we reviewed MateBook X, but the company is already preparing to release a new model. We have been a fan of the Matebook X line in recent years, mainly due to its sleek design, good battery life, and the inclusion of the MetDoc 2 in this year’s model.
A teaser posted by Huawei on its Weibo channel indicates that the company has overhauled the MateBook X design. We are only coming up with a promotional image, but the upcoming MateBook X looks slimmer than its current model. Its port selection was also reviewed, as Huawei dropped the USB Type-C port from the left side of the device. The device may appear too thin for the USB Type-A port as it is on the current model.
According to Huawei News, Huawei has stated that the Matebook X will come in different sizes. In addition, the device will have a 3K screen in “metal frameless design”. The screen will clearly have thin bezels floating around, but it remains to be seen.
The MateBook X is said to weigh about 1kg as well, which is about 30% less than the current model, weighing 1.34kg. Other details are still unknown at this point, but Huawei will unveil the new Matebook X on August 19.

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