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3 Smart Home Technology | tech gadgets to start 2020


Smart Home Technology 2020 has a lot in store for you. Go through our top picks of gadgets to buy in 2020 and let us know which one you are bringing home.

1.Samsung Ballie – Samsung Ballie is one of the most fun gadgets to buy in 2020. It is a tennis ball-shaped robot that rolls and follows you around. It’s a smart home gadget perfect for gadget geeks. It activates smart devices at your home to assist with cleaning and also responds to simple commands such as, “come here, Ballie”.


2.Microsoft Surface Duo – Likely to be available for sale this Christmas, this 360-degree foldable dual-screen gadget can fit into your pocket. The combined experience of Microsoft and Android can increase your productivity while you’re on the go since it offers Office suite apps. Along with one-to- voice and video calls, it boasts other features as well that make it a great buy for gadget lovers.


3.LG HOM BOT (Price: Rs 43,990)
Top cleaner: Vacuum cleaners are becoming independent and smart. The LG Hom Bot is an easy to use appliance that vacuums the floor on its own. It has got cameras on both the top and the bottom to map the house and finds its way around it. The dual camera mapping system calculates the surrounding areas 50 times per second for optimised paths. The side brushes help in cleaning corners and edges while the microfider mop comes handy for hard floors. Although the noise level while in operation is extremely low, you can also schedule it to clean when you are not at home. The Bot can also finds its way to its charging base when necessary.


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