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After Mixer Shutdown, Ninja revealed setting Career Sights On Hollywood

The popular broadcast tool, Fortnite Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, revealed its focus on finding roles and opportunities in the entertainment industry in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter published Friday.

The Ninja Natalie Jarvey of the Hollywood Reporter said she was investigating “literally anything and everything in Hollywood”.

“Films, voice acting and animation, I look at everything,” said the 29-year-old and millions of fans.

It might not come as a big surprise to their fans, as the game’s character has been absent from broadcast since Mixer closed earlier this month. Ninja, who created his followers on Twitch, previously moved to the Mixer platform for a multi-million dollar deal with Microsoft, but was released from his contract with the closing of the platform.

Since his departure from Mixer, Ninja has only aired on YouTube once, but is said to take more time thinking about offers for the next game deal. A smart move, because while Ninja has a large number of followers, it is likely that Mixer did not contribute much to career growth considering that he was significantly less developed in the year before its end by 0.2% than its competitors in a year that experienced 99% growth In the live broadcast of the industry in general.

The surprising thing is that Mixer didn’t bother to tell its biggest star that Mixer was closing, which means Ninja found out about the news cycle shutdown with the rest of us. For more information like this, be sure to check out the full original feature here.

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