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AMD Confirmed: Big Navi is coming this Year

Big Navi

Back at CES a few weeks ago, there was a question and answer session with AMD in which Gordon Ung from PC World asked, “Do you think AMD should be a high-end competitor in the discrete graphics market?” At the time, this was interpreted by many as confirmation of a Big Navi GPU, but we felt that Lisa Sus’s wording was still too vague. Now AMD has released an episode titled “The Brick Up” in which Lisa Sue was interviewed to clear up any doubts.

“I’ve heard a little about Twitter and Reddit that people are thinking about Big Navi. I can say that you will see Big Navi 2020.” Interview with AMD CEO Lisa Su.

Also, she said, “There may be some thinking about Zen 3, and I can tell you that Zen 3 is doing really well. We’re excited about it and more talk about it later in 2020 Eager to do. ”

“I can say that you will see Big Navi in ​​2020” – Lisa Su
Of course, if the big Navi arrives, it will be 2020, so the big news here is that it is ultimately an uneven confirmation that the big Navi will arrive. However, this is a surprising revelation, as AMD generally does not comment on undeclared products, as Lisa Su explained in her CES interview.

Back at CES, she had the following to say on the subject: “I know that Reddit customers want a high-end navigation system! You should expect that we have a high-end navigation system and it’s important to do so.” The discrete graphics market, especially in the upper price segment, is very important to us, so you should expect a high-end navigation system from us, although I would generally prefer a different I do not comment on unannounced products. ”

We thought that this could be a very good rehearsal, because you would find that Dr. Su talks about what to expect and what not.

Don’t pretend to know everything
Of course, after the confirmation of Big Navi, we should not jump to conclusions and say that AMD 2020 will release an “Nvidia Killer”, as we have seen many rumors online. Just because Big Navi has been confirmed, it doesn’t mean that it will be the GPU to beat the Green Team, especially given that Nvidia’s amp chips are likely to be on SIGGRAPH this summer. Nvidia’s Ampere GPU is expected to be manufactured in a 7nm manufacturing process, which is said to significantly improve performance per watt.

The RX 5700 XT is currently the fastest navigation graphics card from AMD, with performance close to the RTX 2070 Super from Nvidia. Given this information, the Big Navi GPU will have to take a nice leap in performance for the Navi 10 GPU to defeat the RTX 2080 Ti, which is a major challenge. It is also possible that Nvidia’s AMP GPU will be in the news once Big Navy enters.